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21st. Century Modeller Issue 2
21st. Century Modeller Volume 2!
21st. Century Modeller Volume Two explodes onto the scene with 128 all-colour pages of action-packed sci-fi modelling projects based on many of the more unusual ‘guest craft’ featured in the legendary puppet and live-action series of Gerry Anderson, plus completely original takes on the Anderson universe! 
Cool, retro styling offers an exclusive line-up of features, illustrated with hundreds of jaw-dropping step-by-step and beauty-shot photographs, including:

• Space: 1999 Eagle and launch pad diorama.
• Building large-scale Anderson dioramas: Continuum Atomic Centre.
• Thunderbird 5 escape pod build.
• Space Precinct flying sports car recreated.
• Space: 1999 Main Mission cutaway diorama.
• Thunderbirds Zombite Fighter scratchbuild. 
• Next Generation UFO SHADO Mobile project.
• Huge Eagle hangar project.
• TX-204 – awesome studio scale Thunderbirds target deploying aircraft.

They will not last long

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Dove kit from Journey to The Far Side Of the Sun!
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