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Contact Us or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter
Replica Props
Captain Scarlet 12 Inch Soundtech Action Figure
One Man Fate Has Made Indestructible...
Vivid Imaginations' 12 inch Soundtech Captain Scarlet action figure is here! Long out of production, the secret nanite robot toy seekers that we send out nightly to scour the Earth in search of hidden Anderson treasures have found a limited number of these great figures, originally released in 2002.
The Captain says three authentic phrases from the TV series and his epaulets light up when he speaks! He comes with a Spectrum pistol and Mysteron gun as shown, and is packaged in an attractive window box, ready to display.
As these figures are four years old, batteries may need to be replaced for optimum playtime experience.


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Spectrum Saloon Car Model Kit
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Captain Scarlet Mouse Pad
S. I.G.! The Indestructable Man on a Heavy Duty Mousepad - Vintage Cool!
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Captain Scarlet Original TV Soundtrack CD
Music from the Supermarionation classic Captain Scarlet by Barry Gray
$ 19.95
Captain Scarlet Sticker Book
S. I. G.! More than 50 full color Captain Scarlet Stickers!
$ 11.95