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Horror Collectibles at FAB Gear

Horror Collectibles at fabgearusa.com The things that keep you awake at night!
Fans of classic monsters and horror, this is the place for you! We at FAB Gear are horror fans from way back and are happy to share our scary toys!
All Items
Here are all the products in this category:
The Munsters House PRE-BUILT Model
Taking Pre Orders Now
$ 124.95
The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:9 Scale Model Kit
In Stock Now !
$ 29.95
The Munsters Herman Munster 1:10 Model Kit
In Stock Now !
$ 29.95
Munsters' House Model Kit
1313 Mockingbird Lane Perfect for HO Train Sets
In Stock And Shipping Now !

$ 44.95
DRAGONSLAYER 1/32 scale “Vermithrax Dragon” model kit
From the cult classic 1981 movie “DRAGONSLAYER”
In Stock Now!

$ 59.95
More Brains Zombie License Plate
Zombies Rule! Limited Edition Aluminum Car Tag from Tin10 Collectibles! IN STOCK NOW!
$ 12.95
Nosferatu License Plate
Children of the Night, Your Master is Here! Tin10 Collectibles Brings the Fangs for Your Ride!
$ 12.95
The Mummy Model Kit
Hide Your Tanna Leaves! Moebius Models Unleashes A 1:8 Scale Mummified Menace!
$ 44.95
Frightening Lightning Frankenstein Model Kit
Chiller Theatre EXCLUSIVE! Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark Kit by Moebius Models!
$ 0.00
Gigantic Frankenstein Glow Model Kit
BIg Frankie! The Limited Edition Glow-In-The-Dark Version of Moebius' Classic Aurora Re-Issue Model Kit!
$ 109.95
Gigantic Frankenstein Kit
BIg Frankie! Moebius' Re-Issue of the Classic Aurora Model Kit!
$ 109.95
05 War of the Worlds “Alien Tripod” model kit 1/144 scale
Approx. 15 inches tall
!!! IN STOCK NOW !!!!

$ 65.99
05' War of the Worlds Alien Figure kit
1/8 scale “Alien Creature” model kit (Approx. 7 inches tall)
$ 29.95
1/12 scale “Kothoga Creature” model kit from the movie The Relic
(base is 12 inches long)
$ 39.99
1/12 scale “Kothoga Creature” PRE BUILT from the movie The Relic
Pre Built just open and display
In Stock Now!!

$ 49.95
Martian Figure from War of the Worlds PreBuilt
1/8 scale Pre-finished “Martian” Display
$ 39.95
Martian Figure Model Kit from War of the Worlds
Pegasus Hobbies Unleashes The War Machine Masters! IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!
$ 24.95