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FAB Gear Ordering Info and Frequently Asked Questions
Questions before ordering? Check here first!
Before emailing us your question, please take a moment to see if we have already answered it here. We will be updating this page often, so please check back!
Q "Can you give me a quote on shipping to my country/location?"
A FAB Gear's shopping cart automatically refers to the shipping tables of the US Postal Service, UPS, and Federal Express. To get a quote on shipping for items to your location, please add them to your shopping cart then proceed as though you were ordering the items. At checkout, you will get a quote based on actual shipping rates from the provider of your choice. If you do not wish to proceed with your order, simply hit your "Back" button. Unless you click the "Finalize" button, your order will not go through.

Q "Can you give me an update on the product I have pre-ordered? When will it ship?"
A We always update the product's web page when we get information that an item we are offering for pre-orders has been delayed or has had a status change. Updates go out in our Email newsletter as well; click the "Contact Us or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter" link in the navigation bar to the left to subscribe. We also update our message boards frequently with this kind of information. Please always check these pages for news on the products first. To access our message boards, please click here.

Q "Can I add/subtract an item from my order after it has been placed?"
A No. The way our secure server is currently set up, we are unable to edit line items in orders that are already in our system. This level of security is part of what helps protect our customers from the loss of sensitive information. If you wish to add or subtract an item to your order, please place a new order and we will cancel your original order. Don't forget to notify us if you want your original order to be cancelled! Always remember to include your order number in all correspondence. To email us, please click here.

Q Will FAB Gear ship merchandise to my country?
A Yes, we have customers all over the world. Please see the instructions above for estimating shipping to your location.

Q Do you accept credit cards?
A Yes, we accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. We also accept Paypal payments and Money orders. We do accept personal checks from U.S. Customers only.

Click here to go to Paypal.

Q I'd like to pre-order an item and pay by Check/Money Order/Paypal. Should I send payment now or will you contact me when the item is available for payment?
A Send it now. Delayed payment for pre-ordered items will result in your item being shipped after all the credit card orders are on their way. By pre-paying for your item, it will ship in the numerical order in which it was received and be processed much more quickly. If speed is not as much a concern, you may delay payment and we will contact you when the pre-paid orders have been shipped.

Q I sent you an email/placed an order and never got a reply /email confirmation. Why are you ignoring me?
A We aren't! If you have placed an order and not received an email confirmation or sent us an email and not received a prompt response, you probably have some sort of spam blocking software enabled that won't allow us to email you. Please turn it off or add us to your online address book or "acceptable addresses" list! You might also check your Spam or Bulk mail folders to see if we have responded.

Q What Does F.A.B. stand for?
A From the Gerry Anderson F.A.Q.: "Perhaps the most frequently asked question by new THUNDERBIRDS fans, the definitive answer came from Sylvia Anderson herself during her promotional tour for her book YES, M'LADY. According to Sylvia, F.A.B. stands for... ...absolutely nothing. It was something they made up on the spur of the moment during a writing session, Sylvia says, and it was never intended to stand for anything other than to spell out the letters of a popular British slang word--"fab"--during that era. Many people have attempted to find other meanings ("Filed, Actioned, Briefed", "Fine--Acknowledge Broadcast"), but it never meant anything other than "fabulous"." Click here to see the Gerry Anderson F.A.Q. Page

Q Is this item in stock?
A To see if an item is currently in stock and ready to ship, simply add it to the shopping cart. If the item is backordered, the cart will alert you automatically. If you wish to be notified when an item is back in stock, send an email with the name of the item in the subject line by clicking here.