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Contact Us or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter
Replica Props
Pegasus Metal Plated Martian War Machine Model Kit
The Martians Are Coming!
George Pal's Americanized film version of H.G. Wells' The War Of The Worlds is a classic!
Pegasus Hobbies has finally released an accurate, styrene model kit of the War Machine from the film,
which was designed by Albert Nozaki. Created in 1:48 Scale.
All new tooling includes clear and green molded parts, planet display base.

Wingspan measures 10.5 inches long when complete. Skill level 2.

This kit comes with parts coated with a metallic copper chrome plating.

In Stock and Shipping Now

This model is also available without the metallic finish, or pre-built and painted.
Click on the links in the upper right of this page for more information.

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Pegasus Martian War Machine Model Kit
From George Pal's Classic Film, The War Of The Worlds! Now Shipping!
$ 24.95
Pegasus Pre-Built Martian War Machine Display Model
From George Pal's Classic Film, The War Of The Worlds! No Assembly Required - Now Shipping!
$ 39.95
War Machines Attack Diorama Model Kit
Oh the Humanity! Pegasus Models' War of the Worlds Model Kit is Here!
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War Machines Attack Metal Plated Diorama Model Kit
From George Pal's Classic Film, The War Of The Worlds! COPPER PLATED! Now Shipping!
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05 War of the Worlds “Alien Tripod” model kit 1/144 scale
Approx. 15 inches tall
!!! IN STOCK NOW !!!!

$ 65.99
05' War of the Worlds Alien Figure kit
1/8 scale “Alien Creature” model kit (Approx. 7 inches tall)
$ 29.95