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Contact Us or Subscribe to our Email Newsletter
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Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller 28
Sci.Fi & Fantasy Modeller Volume 28
Bulging at the seams with great things for every genre modeler, here comes Sci.fi & fantasy modeller Volume Twenty-Eight, packed with unique features and hundreds of photographs! One hundred all color, perfect bound pages contain articles spotlighting all that’s new and exciting from the worlds of mainstream and garage kits, plus large scale scratchbuild projects, replica props, techniques, hints, tips and more. Stunningly illustrated throughout, Volume Twenty-Eight offers genre modelers not-to-be-missed goodies including:

• Revell Snowspeeder conversion.
• New Moebius Cylon Centurion!
• Cetacean from Man from Atlantis scratchbuild!
• Part 3 of our Enterprise 1:350th. coverage, plus production kit review!
• Fantastic Voyage Proteus build and conversion!
• Martian War Machine scratchbuild!
• Captain Scarlet Maximum Security Vehicle - new kit build!
* Moebius War Machine test-shot built and reviewed!
* Rapid prototyping investigated!
* Sense of Scale - interview and pics!
* '50s-style SF pulp fiction diorama!

!!! In Stock And Shipping Now !!!

…Plus much, much more!

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