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Replica Props
Space: 1999 Eagle Photoetch Set

NEW! Space: 1999 Eagle Photoetch Set

Update the venerable Eagle Transporter kit from AMT/ERTL with this all-new photoetch set.


  • End caps for the transport pod with accurate raised and recessed details. Doors now line up with those on the framework support modules.
  • Replacement airlock doors with the correct size and shape.
  • Rocket engine diffusers.
  • Landing gear updates with cages, pad hardware and “scissors” in both landed and in-flight positions. (Provisions included to allow builder to make their own working gear.)
  • Raised panel blast deflectors for the RCS (reaction control thruster) packs.
  • Window frames for the Command Module.

For kit: MPC791 & Classic

Taking Pre orders now due Mid Febuary

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