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Stand By For Action - The Music of Barry Gray CD
Anything Can Happen In The Next Half-Hour!
Producers Ralph Titterton and Tim Mallett have assembled forty tracks representing the BEST of Barry Gray!
Beginning with their earliest television programs, Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's series featured the distinct musical compositions of Barry Gray, an unassuming but innovative genius. Responsible for the themes and incidental music for shows like Thunderbirds, Space: 1999, UFO, Stingray, Joe 90, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons, Four Feather Falls and more, Gray's unforgettable music is collected here and many of the tracks have never been offered commercially before.

1 - Main theme to Four Feather Falls (inc dialogue) *
2 - Four Feather Falls (song)
3 - Mike’s Theme (from Supercar) *
4 - Supercar series 2 titles *
5 - The Supercar Twist *
6 - Fireball XL5 titles *
7 - This is the Twist *
8 - Formula 5 *
9 - I Wish I was a Spaceman (single version)
10 Stand by for Action! (dialogue) *
11 - Stingray titles
12 - The Loch Ness Monster suite *
13 - I’ve Got Something to Shout About – (Gary Miller version not used in the series) *
14 - Aqua Marina (end titles)
15 - Thunderbirds titles
16 - Desperate Intruder suite
17 - Perils of Penelope suite
18 - Thunderbirds end titles
19 - Century 21 sting
20 - Captain Scarlet opening
21 - The Mysteron Complex *
22 - White as Snow
23 - The Mysteron Theme (single – new stereo mix)
24 - Captain Scarlet end titles – Spectrum version
25 - Joe 90 theme (single – new stereo mix)
26 - Balloon Flight
27 - Hijacked (single – (new stereo mix)
28 - International Concerto Suite (edit)
29 - Joe 90 end titles
30 - The Secret Service theme – extended *
31 - Operation Intercept *
32 - UFO titles *
33 - SHADO – Variations on a Theme *
34 - A Rose for Sylvia *
35 - The Trip *
36 - UFO end titles *
37 - Breakaway introduction
38 - Space:1999 titles extended
39 - Space:1999 Medley: Ring Around the Moon, Another Time Another Place, Black Sun, Matter of Life and Death.
40 - End titles

* First Commercial release
Imported from the UK

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