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Replica Props
Thunderbirds - The Movie

Universal Studios' THUNDERBIRDS movie!

Thunderbirds Are Go! Director Jonathon Frakes re-styles International Rescue for a new generation. Starring Bill Paxton, Vanessa Hudgens, Brady Corbett, Philip Winchester, Anthony Edwards, and Sir Ben Kingsley.

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Here are all the products in this category:
Bandai Movie TB2 Snap Kit
Snap it together, apply decals,
and they're ready to display!

$ 14.95
Bandai Movie TB3 Snap Kit
Snap it together, apply decals,
and they're ready to display!

$ 14.95
Thunderbirds - The Movie Action Figure Set
Set of 3 Figures from the Thunderbirds Movie!
Only a few sets left

$ 28.95
Alan Tracy and The Hood Thunderbirds Movie Action Figures
Alan and the Hood Head to Head Again! Special Price!
$ 6.95
Thunderbirds: The Making of the Movie
by Andrew Darling. The official book of the making of the film!
$ 24.95
Movie Thunderbird 2 RC
Radio Controlled TB 2 from the Thunderbirds movie! F.A.B.!
$ 59.95
Takara Thunderbirds Movie Vehicle Collection
Takara's Set of 5 Vehicles from the Thunderbirds Movie! With Sub Motor for TB4!
$ 36.95
Gerry Anderson Trading Figure Grab Bag
Five Figures For A Bargain Price! Order Quick, Quantities Limited!
$ 34.95
Micro World Thunderbirds Movie Vehicles
Four Accurate Vehicles from the Thunderbirds Movie!
$ 14.95
Thunderbirds Movie Child's Backpack
Stow your gear in this FAB backpack! Great for school or rescue missions.
$ 24.95
Bandai Movie Thunderbird 2
Thunderbirds are GO!
Bandai's Japanese Release TB2 from the Thunderbirds Movie

$ 14.95
Thunderbirds - Mission Control Colouring And Activity Book
2004 Movie
In Stock & Shipping

$ 6.95
Thunderbirds Movie Books Set 3
Four Books for Young Readers from Thunderbirds - The Movie!
$ 21.95
Thunderbirds Movie Books Set 2
Four More Books for Young Readers from Thunderbirds - The Movie!
$ 21.95
Thunderbirds Movie Books Set 1
Four Thunderbirds Movie Books For Young Readers!
$ 21.95
International Rescue Wrist Communicators
Break Radio Silence! Set of Two IR Wrist Comms from the Thunderbirds Movie.
$ 19.95
Thunderbirds Movie Trading Card Set
You always look so cool when spaceships come out of the pool! Cards, Inc. 72 card set!
$ 19.95
Thunderbirds X-Ray Cross Sections Japanese Book
Excellent Cross Section Illustrationsof Thunderbirds Movie Vehicles!
Japanese Text

$ 59.95
Thunderbirds Movie Advance Mini Poster
F.A.B.! Advance poster from Universal's Thunderbirds Movie!
$ 3.99
Thunderbirds - The Movie DVD
Universal's Thunderbirds in Widescreen DVD Glory!
$ 16.99
Thunderbirds Movie Pencils and Erasers
Colorful pencils and erasers with graphics from Thunderbirds - The Movie!
$ 8.95
Thunderbirds Movie Giant Eraser Pencils
Thunderbirds Movie Pencils With Giant Eraser Tops! Too cool for school!
$ 14.95
TB 4 Diving Pool Toy
It dives, surfaces, and runs in water! Thunderbird 4 pool toy!
$ 16.95
Diecast Movie Thunderbirds
Set of 5 diecast vehicles from the Thunderbirds movie!
$ 18.95
Hood Submarine from Thunderbirds - The Movie
Light & Sound action toy from the Thunderbirds movie!
$ 18.95
Thunderbirds Choro Q Set - Movie Version
Cute Superdeformed versions of TB2, FAB 1 and the Mole from the Thunderbirds movie!
$ 39.95
Thunderbirds Movie Capsule Toy Set
Bandai's Thunderbirds Movie Gashapon set of 5!
$ 29.95