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You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot Book
You Can Build The Lost In Space Robot
Danger, Will Robinson!
Remember wanting to have a Lost in Space robot of your own?
Now you can, with the help of this book.
Lavishly illustrated with photos and drawings throughout, this book shows the reader how to make all of the parts to assemble a Lost in Space robot replica. The project can be as simple to as complex as the person making it wants it to be. And at the end of all of that work, you can look at your robot and say "I made that." There can be no better feeling in the world.

You Can Build the Lost in Space Robot (4th Revised Edition)
ISBN 1-880417-99-5 (new # 978-1-880417-99-7)
Edited by Flint Mitchell
Category: Television, Science Fiction, Robots, Technology, Plastic Casting and Molding
Size: 8-1/2 x 11 inches, perfect bound trade paperback, 96 pages

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