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Replica Props
Hawk Spaceship Model Replica
Sixteen 12 Collectibles Mark IX Hawk Spaceship Model
Birds Of A Feather...
Will finally be able to flock together! It took a lot of people writing a lot of emails, but Iconic Replicas/Sixteen 12 Collectibles is finally releasing a Mark IX Hawk model in scale with their 23 inch Eagle from Space: 1999! Long a favorite of fans, the Hawk appeared in the episode War Games and made a lasting impression. Originally created for the series by model maker Martin Bower, the Mark IX Hawk from Iconic Replicas was recreated by artist Ian Chrichton and measures 19 inches long and comes complete with an acrylic display case and etched brass plaque featuring each model's unique edition number, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity individually HAND SIGNED by Martin Bower, who fully endorses and approved the model! This replica is limited to only 200 pieces world wide, so Order NOW!

EXCLUSIVE! Customers who order the Mark IX Hawk Replica with FAB Gear will receive an exclusive metal lapel pin of the Hawk, not available anywhere else!

The Mark IX Hawk is !!!! This item is Now SOLD OUT !!!!

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