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New Captain Scarlet

Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet!
Toys and collectibles at FABGearusa.com Spectrum is Green!
Welcome to Skybase! Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet fans, this is the place for you!

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All Items
Here are all the products in this category:
Andersonic 7
More articles, art, reviews, and ANDERSON coverage!
$ 12.95
NCS Kids Socks
Let the Indestructible Man Keep Your Feet Warm! 2 pairs of New Captain Scarlet Socks!
$ 16.95
New Captain Scarlet Playsuit
Dekker's NCS Playsuit for ages 5-7! Spectrum is Green!
$ 29.95
NCS Achilles Messenger Storybook
New Captain Scarlet Full Color Storybook of the "Achilles Messenger" Episode!
$ 9.95
NCS Swarm Storybook
New Captain Scarlet Full Color Storybook of the "Swarm" Episode!
$ 9.95
Corgi Diecast Angel Interceptor and White Falcon Set
Two Jets, One Mission: Kick Mysteron Butt! New Captain Scarlet Diecast from Corgi. Now Shipping!
$ 59.95
Corgi Die Cast White Falcon Jet
Corgi's Angel Interceptor from New Captain Scarlet.
Now Shipping!

$ 34.95
NCS: Instrument of Destruction Parts 1 & 2 Book
By Richard Dungworth. Paperback novelization of the first 2 episodes of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet!
$ 9.95
New Captain Scarlet Spectrum Agent's Handbook
Fight Interplanetary Terrorism the Spectrum Way! Get the new Spectrum Agent's Handbook.
$ 12.95
New Captain Scarlet FunFax
Packed with puzzles, quizzes, and stickers!
The Spectrum Day Planner!

$ 12.95
New Captain Scarlet Cheetah Bubble Bath Soaky
Spectrum Bubble Bath in a sweet Cheetah bottle! Clean up with the Captain!
$ 14.95
New Captain Scarlet Soap on a Rope
Lather up with Captain Scarlet! Another bath accessory from Spectrum!
$ 9.95
New Captain Scarlet Toothbush and Holder
Make your pearly whites indestructible! Spectrum Approved oral hygiene gear!
$ 12.95
Corgi Die Cast Cheetah Car
Spectrum's Patrol Car from New Captain Scarlet! Now Shipping!
$ 34.95
Corgi Diecast Spectrum Saloon Car and Cheetah Set
SSC! Cheetah! 2 Red Cars, One Great Price! Now Shipping!
$ 59.95
New Captain Scarlet Hand Towel
Dry your hands on the indestructible Captain Scarlet!
$ 14.95
New Captain Scarlet Mini Vehicles Sets
Bandai's 3 inch Spectrum Vehicle sets
2 new sets available!

$ 39.95
New Captain Scarlet Action Figures
What's Black and Blue and Red all over? Action Figures from New Captain Scarlet, of course!
$ 21.95
Corgi Diecast Rhino and SPV Set
Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together! Diecast Rhino and SPV from Corgi. Sold Out !!
$ 59.95
New Captain Scarlet Toys from KFC
Hard to find! A Complete Set of New Captain Scarlet Premiums from KFC UK
$ 36.95
The Complete Gerry Anderson Book Revised Hardcover
Revised Hardback Edition! Includes New Captain Scarlet Episode Guide!
$ 32.95
New Captain Scarlet Spectratech Communicator
S.I.G.! Stay in Contact with Skybase with Bandai's Spectrum Communicator!
$ 36.95
New Captain Scarlet Spectrum Mission Belt
S.I.G.! Be Prepared For Any Mission With This Belt Crammed With Spectrum Goodies!
$ 49.95
New Captain Scarlet DX Rhino Vehicle
Rush to action with this Deluxe Rhino Vehicle from Bandai!
$ 89.95
New Captain Scarlet Poster
S.I.G.! Get this awesome poster from New Captain Scarlet now!
$ 12.95
New Captain Scarlet DX Cheetah Vehicle
Bandai's Spectrum Cheetah Car for New Captain Scarlet Action Figures!
$ 69.95
Corgi Die Cast RHINO Tactical Response Vehicle
Corgi's die cast model of the RHINO from New Captain Scarlet!
Now Shipping!

$ 34.95
Display Case for Die Casts and Trading Figures
Perfect for the Product Enterprise Die Casts or Konami Trading Kits!
$ 16.95
New Captain Scarlet DX Skybase Playset
Bandai's Giant Spectrum HQ! From Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet
$ 185.95
New Captain Scarlet Hummingbird Helicopter Vehicle
Fly into adventure with Bandai's Spectrum Helicopter from New Captain Scarlet!
$ 49.95
New Captain Scarlet Spectrum Gun Set
Captain Scarlet's Shootin' Iron - from Bandai!
$ 49.95
Large Display Case for Diecasts and Collectibles
Great for displaying Product Enterprise Diecasts or other Collectibles! Mirrored!
$ 26.95
New Captain Scarlet Stallion Raid Bike Vehicle
Drop from Skybase on this rad Stallion Raid Bike from Bandai!
$ 49.95