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Replica Props
UFO - S.H.A.D.O.

S.H.A.D.O. Headquarters!
Launch Interceptors and put Sky 1 in the picture; UFO fans, this place is for you!

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Original Art pages from UFO comic #0
Art by Christopher Jones and Josef Rubenstein for the unreleased UFO comic book!
$ 150.00
SKY 1 Model Kit from UFO
Aoshima re-issue of the classic Imai kit from UFO! New More Accurate Parts!
$ 29.95
Diecast SKYDIVER from UFO
Shipping Now!
!!!! ONLY ONE LEFT !!!!

$ 399.95
Konami Ultimate UFO Collection
New Konami UFO Trading Figures

$ 0.00
SHADO Moonbase Model Kit
by Aoshima - Interceptors, immediate launch!
$ 99.95
UFO MoonBase Girl
1/6th Scale Action Figure Kit
$ 95.00
UFO 1/48 Scale Model Kit
laser cut, limited edition
In Stock Now!

$ 195.00
UFO Shado Keychain
In Stock and Shipping now!
$ 7.50
Stickers - Space 1999 & UFO
Stickers for UFO and Space 1999 fans
$ 0.00
Display Base for Diecast Skydiver
Resin display base for your Product Enterprise die cast Skydiver! Exclusive!
$ 29.95
Die Cast SHADO Mobiles
Buy the Product Enterprise Originals or the Sixteen 12
We are getting down the last of these so dont miss out!

$ 159.95
Gerry Anderson related Lapel Pins
High Quality Metal lapel pins
in shock now!
$ 0.00
Gerry Anderson related Patches
Space 1999, UFO, Thunderbirds, Supercar, Stingray & Fireball XL5
$ 0.00
UFO Trading Card Set
100 Card Basic Set from Cards, Inc.! Limited Supply!
$ 39.95
Gay Ellis Talking 12 inch Action Figure
Interceptors, Immediate Launch! Product Enterprise's 12 inch Figure of Gay Ellis from UFO. ONLY A FEW LEFT!
$ 229.95
Konami S.I.D. Trading Model
Available separately at last! Konami's Space Intruder Detector from UFO!
$ 8.95
UFO Complete Series DVD Megaset
All those great episodes in one big box! The Complete Series of UFO!
$ 89.95
Sci-Fi & Fantasy Modeller 23
UFO Sky One kit review Space:1999 Travel Tube kit
In stock and shipping

$ 26.95
The Future Was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim Ltd. Hardcover
Ltd. Edition Hardcover with Signed/Numbered Color Plate! Now Shipping!
$ 74.95
The Future Was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim Book
Jam packed with color and black & white photos and illustrations of Trim's work for the Andersons!
$ 29.95
UFO DVD Volume 1
The first 13 episodes on DVD! Special Price!
$ 59.95
UFO DVD set 2
The final 13 episodes of Gerry Anderson's first live-action series! Special Price!
$ 59.95
Large Display Case for Diecasts and Collectibles
Great for displaying Product Enterprise Diecasts or other Collectibles! Mirrored!
$ 26.95
Display Case for Die Casts and Trading Figures
Perfect for the Product Enterprise Die Casts or Konami Trading Kits!
$ 16.95
Gerry Anderson Trading Figure Grab Bag
Five Figures For A Bargain Price! Order Quick, Quantities Limited!
$ 34.95
Shadomobile Model kit from UFO
Aoshima Re-issues the classic Imai kit of the Shadomobile from UFO!
$ 29.95
Antonia Ellis Autographed Photo
Color photos signed by UFO's Antonia Ellis! Exclusive!
$ 14.95
Konami SF Super Premium Pack SID & Fireball XL-5
Konami SF Super Premium Pack SID & Fireball XL-5 Trading Kit Set
$ 28.95
Konami Super Premium Pack SID & Eagle
SID & Rescue Eagle Trading Kits Set
In Stock Now!!

$ 28.95
Andersonic 6
Issue 6 of the Anderson Fanzine! UFO, Space:1999, New Interview with Gerry! NOW SHIPPING!
$ 12.95
Andersonic 5
UK's Anderson Fanzine! UFO - Space 1999 - More! Imported
$ 12.95
Andersonic 4
UK's Anderson Fanzine! Starcruiser - Space 1999 - UFO! Imported
$ 12.95
Andersonic 3
UK's Anderson Fanzine! Captain Scarlet - Space 1999 - UFO! Imported
$ 12.95
Andersonic 2
UK's Anderson Fanzine! Into Infinity - Space 1999 - New Captain Scarlet! Imported
$ 12.95