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The Night the Cylons Landed
The Night The Cylons landed
! The All New HUGE Cylon Raider kit Has Finally Arrived !
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This is the year of FAB Gear!
With upcoming items from Round 2,AMT, Moebius Models, Silva Screen and many more,
This is a great year for Gerry Anderson and Irwin Allen fans and collectors!
FAB Gear brings you amazing merchandise from all over the globe!
Pre-order Items

Don't miss out! Some items sell out before they are ever released - make sure you get everything you want by ordering in advance!

Iconic Replicas Diecasts!
Model Kits & Pre-paints!
action figures!
license plates…and more!
New Items Added Frequently!
Check out a complete list of pre-order products!

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Fab Feature

Special Effects - The Art & Effects of Derek Meddings Book
The A to Z of Century 21 Effects Master Derek Meddings!
On Sale 20% off

$ 49.95

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen at FAB Gear!

You asked for it, you got it! We've had numerous emails asking us to carry the Product Enterprise Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, and Land of the Giants items. FAB Gear has heard your pleas and the result is our new Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen section!

Robot B9! Seaview! Flying Sub! Spindrift!
More to come!

Seaview Tecnical Manual
New revised and expanded edition
of The SSRN Seaview Technical Manual
Pre order Now

$ 34.95
Seaview 50th Anniersary Tribute
New Expanded Edition
Pre Order Now!!

$ 49.95
Lost in Space Encyclopedia 3
Revised and Expanded Edition
Pre order Now!

$ 49.95

Lost in Space B9 Moebius Model Kit
1/6th Scale by Moebius Models
In Stock Now!

$ 54.95

!! Check out these fantastic Items
!! In Stock Now !!

Space: 1999 Stun Gun
Stun Gun 1/1 Scale
Pre Finished !!

$ 95.00
Space: 1999 Comlock
1/1 Scale Pre Finished
$ 95.00
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller 26
UFO Moonbase Interceptor, Moebius Cylon Raider
In Stock & Shipping Now!

$ 29.95
Battlestar Galactica Prefinished Model
no actual assembly is required
In Stock and Shipping Now!

$ 79.95

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Seaview 1:350 Scale Model By Moebius
Moebius Models Smaller Scale Seaview
ReStock Coming !

$ 24.95
Battlestar Galactica Original Cylon Raider Model Kit
1/32 Scale Moebius Models
Shipping Now !

$ 49.95
Battlestar Galactica Original MKI Viper Model Kit
Moebius Models

$ 29.95
Battlestar Galactica Model Kit Classic Version
1/4105 Scale From Moebius Models
In Stock & Shipping Now !

$ 59.95
Sci fi & Fantasy Modeller 33
Shipping Now!
$ 26.95
The Munsters House PRE-BUILT Model
Taking Pre Orders Now
$ 124.95
The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:9 Scale Model Kit
In Stock Now !
$ 29.95
The Munsters Herman Munster 1:10 Model Kit
In Stock Now !
$ 29.95
Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller 32
Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars & More
In Stock Now !

$ 26.95
Battlestar Galactica Colonial One Model Kit
Moebius Models!
Pre-Order Now!

$ 39.95
Thunderbirds Comic Collection (Hardback)
Hardback 288 pages
In Stock & Shipping Now!

$ 34.95
Thunderbirds: 100 F.A.B. Postcards
Classic Comics Postcard Collection
In Stock & Shipping Now!

$ 19.95
Space 1999 - The Alien
Includes an in scale figure
In Stock Now !

$ 21.99
Space 1999 Eagle-1
12 inches long when built
In Stock Now!

$ 24.99
Space: 1999 Eagle Photoetch Set
Make your Eagle the best is can be
$ 29.95
Lost in Space B9 Moebius Model Kit
1/6th Scale by Moebius Models
!! In Stock Now !!

$ 54.95
Lost in Space Dr. Smith & B9 Minimates 2-Pack
Danger! Danger, Will Robinson!"
Color Version
In Stock Now !

$ 12.95
Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Kit From Moebius Models
NEW! Tooling!
18 Inches In Diameter!
Only a few units left !!

$ 109.95
Battlestar Galactica Electronic Cylon Centurion Bobble Head
In Stock and Shipping Now!
$ 24.95