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Replica Props
Ltd Edition Thunderbird 1 Diorama
Iconic Replicas Thunderbird 1 Diorama
Calling International Rescue...

Product Enterprise's Supermarionation Replica Collection continues with the Thunderbird 1 in Launch Bay Diorama!
Limited to only 800 pieces worldwide, TB1 is over 12 inches long and constructed of fiberglass and resin.
This model comes fully assembled, painted and ready to display in it's launch bay diorama.
Thunderbird 1 comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by producer Gerry Anderson as well as an acrylic display case and brass plaque.
Fully detailed and handcrafted, this replica is created using original plans and reference material of the time
to bring the collector a unique copy of the model used in the production of the classic television show.

Don't miss out - Order now!
This item is now shipping.


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Parker 14 inch Porcelain Doll
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Parker 21 Inch Porcelain Doll Butler Uniform
21 Inch English Classic Porcelains Doll

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James Bond Moonraker Laser Limited Edition Prop Replica!
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James Bond 007 The Golden Gun Limited Edition Prop
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