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Replica Props
Model Kits - for all of Gerry Anderson's Shows

All model kits related to the great Gerry Anderson
Build it! Glue it! Paint it! Model kits, accessories, and books about building them.
Build the Future! This is the place for sci-fi model kit builders.

We ended up with so many models for all our favorite show we have had to
brake them up into 3 sections so be sure to check out all the 3
All Items
Here are all the products in this category:
Thunderbirds TB1 Model Kit
1:144 Scale International Rescue TB1
$ 44.95
Thunderbirds Super Big TB2 Model Kit
Approx 14 inches long
$ 74.95
Thunderbirds TB3 Model Kit
1:350 Scale International Rescue
Pre Order Now!

$ 54.95
Thunderbirds TB 3 & 5 Model Kit 2-Pack
Motorized TB5
$ 84.95
Thunderbirds TB2 & 4 Model Kit 2-Pack
1:350 Scale International Rescue
$ 38.95
Space 1999 Moonbase Model Kit
Taking Pre Orders Now
$ 39.95
Space 1999 Eagle-1
12 inches long when built
In Stock Now!

$ 24.99
Space: 1999 Eagle Photoetch Set
Make your Eagle the best is can be
$ 29.95
Space 1999 - The Alien
Includes an in scale figure
In Stock Now !

$ 21.99
Space: 1999 Stun Gun
Stun Gun 1/1 Scale
Pre Finished !!

$ 95.00
Space: 1999 Commlock
1/1 Scale Pre Finished
$ 95.00
UFO 1/48 Scale Model Kit
laser cut, limited edition
In Stock Now!

$ 195.00
Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor Model
1/72 scale Model kit
$ 12.95
Diecast Supercar Black and White Special Edition
The Marvel of the Age in glorious black & white!

$ 189.95
Die Cast Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle from Product Enterprise
S.I.G.! Another great diecast from Product Enterprise.
Shipping Now!

$ 89.95
Die Cast STINGRAY from Product Enterprise
Stand by for Action! In Stock and Shipping Now!
$ 109.95
Stingray Motorized Model Kit
Stingray - The pride of any bathtub fleet! Battery operated assembly kit. !! BACK IN STOCK !!!
$ 29.95
Diecast SKYDIVER from UFO
Shipping Now!
!!!! ONLY ONE LEFT !!!!

$ 399.95
Display Base for Diecast Skydiver
Resin display base for your Product Enterprise die cast Skydiver! Exclusive!
$ 29.95
SHADO Moonbase Model Kit
by Aoshima - Interceptors, immediate launch!
$ 99.95
Shadomobile Model kit from UFO
Aoshima Re-issues the classic Imai kit of the Shadomobile from UFO!
$ 29.95
SKY 1 Model Kit from UFO
Aoshima re-issue of the classic Imai kit from UFO! New More Accurate Parts!
$ 29.95
Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle Model Kit
S.I.G.! The Imai Spectrum Patrol Vehicle kit reissued by Aoshima!
$ 49.95
Spectrum Saloon Car Model Kit
Captain Scarlet's favorite ride! The Imai kit re-issued.
$ 24.95
Fireflash Model by Aoshima
Finally! An injection molded kit of FIREFLASH from Thunderbirds! Now Shipping!
$ 89.95
Bandai Movie TB2 Snap Kit
Snap it together, apply decals,
and they're ready to display!

$ 14.95
Tracy Island Mini Model Kit
Japanese Toys R Us Exclusive! Aoshima's Mini Tracy Island Model kit!
$ 89.95
TB2 And Rescue Vehicles Model Set
Japanese Toys R Us Exclusive! Thunderbird 2, 5 Rescue Vehicles, and Tracy Island Backdrop!
$ 89.95
The Mole Model kit
1:72 scale kit of the Mole! Lots of moving parts!
$ 41.95
Thunderbird 2 & Container Dock Model Kit
by Aoshima - Ready for launch!
$ 124.95
Thunderbird 2 Landing Jet Model Kit
Aoshima's kit of Thunderbird 2 arriving at a Rescue Site!
$ 39.95
Thunderbird 1 Launching Diorama Model Kit
Thunderbirds are GO! Aoshima kicks the tires and lights the fires!
$ 32.95
Display Case for Die Casts and Trading Figures
Perfect for the Product Enterprise Die Casts or Konami Trading Kits!
$ 16.95
Large Display Case for Diecasts and Collectibles
Great for displaying Product Enterprise Diecasts or other Collectibles! Mirrored!
$ 26.95
Scifi Modeller Page
$ 0.00